Polished Concrete

Uses of Transitions Polished Concrete

Transitions Polished Concrete is suitable for internal floors in the residential, industrial and commercial environments. It can be commonly found in the living areas of the house, in offices, showrooms and shopping centres, to name only a few.

Characteristics of Transitions Polished Concrete

Transitions Polished Concrete is a seamless, durable and stylish flooring product that will open architectural and design possibilities using your existing slabs or by creating and laying new slab of concrete.

Transitions Polished Concrete offers unparalleled advantages in hygiene, product life, durability, abrasion resistance, low maintenance and design flexibility, whilst maintaining a contemporary style and simplicity to your property.

Floor Design

The most exciting factor about polished concrete, when laying a new floor, is the ability of complete customisation. You can design your floor to your exact requirements by taking these simple steps:

  • Choose your concrete colour (new floors only)
  • Choose your aggregate/stone mix (new floors only)
  • Choose your desired level of aggregate exposure
  • Choose your desired concrete polishing system
  • Choose your desired finish (matte, satin, high gloss)

How is Transitions Polished Concrete created?

Polished concrete is created by cutting back the surface of the concrete to the desired level and refining the surface of the concrete, using progressively finer grades of abrasives.

Transitions Polishing and Grinding have developed a system of diamond grinding, honing and sealing concrete floors that require minimal maintenance and have a durable, clear UV stable polymer coating crystallised onto the surface. This system provides excellent stain resistance and is extremely hard wearing.

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Product Specifications - Polished Concrete

  1. Product Details
Area: Internal  Slab: New & Existing
Life Cycle: 5-10 years Warranty: 5-10 years
Finishes: Matte, High Gloss, Satin, Natural Slip Resistance: R9 - R11
Aggregate Exposure: 3/4, Partial Grind, Full Grind, High Steel Trowel Other: UV Stable
Maintenance: Coated: 6-18 months | Mechanical: 18-36 months Usage: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government, Retail