From tiles to polished concrete, The Grove undertakes major renovation

Project Background

The Grove shopping centre undertakes renovation from tiles to polished concreteThe Grove, formerly Megacenta, is an 18-year-old shopping centre located in Liverpool, Sydney, which has undertaken a major renovation in 2016. The renovation at The Grove was intended to both modernise the centre and eliminate the old tile flooring that had become a major maintenance expense and safety concern, due to the tiles popping up and cracking.

The Grove is located directly adjacent to Fashion Spree shopping centre, whereby Transitions installed 14,500m2 of polished concrete floors, and given the success of the polished concrete at this shopping centre it was determined that it would be the best solution as the new floor finish for The Grove also.


  • Remove existing tiles & grind off tile adhesive
  • Husqvarna Hiperfloor
  • High Gloss
  • Full Grind/Decorative Exposure


  • 3,300m2 Tile Removal
  • 3,300m2 Husqvarna Hiperfloor Polished Concrete
  • 300m2 Honed Concrete in amenities corridors
  • 120m2 Epoxy Coating in shopping centre entry’s

Objectives & Requirements

The renovation at The Grove shopping centre took place whilst the retailers remained fully operational. This meant that there were set requirements placed on how works could take place and the hours in which they were to be completed. In addition to completing works overnight, when the shopping centre was closed, the work areas were required to be fully cleaned so trade could continue unhindered each morning.

In terms of performance the clients desired a floor that is both durable, so that it able to withstand the high foot traffic whilst remaining a highly functional floor, and low maintenance.

Aesthetically the client aimed to continue the same finish as Fashion Spree so that the two centres could flow seamlessly into one another. As a part of the renovation, The Grove was to be transformed into a light and bright modern shopping space and the chosen floor finish was to assist in this by facilitating a high amount of light reflectivity.

Chosen Product

The chosen floor finish for The Grove was Husqvarna Hiperfloor with a full aggregate exposure and high gloss level. The polished concrete floor was installed on the existing suspended slab, which resided underneath the tiles that were in place. As a part of the works, Transitions were contracted to remove all existing tiles from the shopping centre. This was completed utilising a large format tile removal and scraping machine, which minimised the time required to complete the process and damage to the substrate. This in comparison with more traditional methods of jackhammers that can cause damage to the substrate, require patching and the end result is an aesthetically unappealing polished concrete floor.

Once all tiles were removed, diamond grinding took place to remove the tile adhesive and improve overall levels of the substrate in preparation for the installation of polished concrete.

The Husqvarna Hiperfloor offered the client a highly durable and hardwearing product with a greater life expectancy when compared with other flooring materials. A mechanically polished concrete floor can withstand a high and frequent amount of foot traffic without affecting it’s aesthetic appeal. This also results in a low maintenance-flooring product as it does not harbour dirt and requires minimal ongoing upkeep.

The polished concrete floor at The Grove is fit for purpose and is aesthetically matching to that of the floors at Fashion Spree, across the car park. By removing the tiles and polishing the substrate underneath, the client was able to turn a structural element of the building into a finished product; it became more a part of the overall architectural design.

An additional benefit of the polished concrete installation process was that it had the ability to be installed without hindering the operation of the shopping centre. All finished surfaces were protected during shopping hours to prevent damage and the areas cleaned before mornings open.

Overall Outcome

The outcome of the polished concrete floor at The Grove was great. The finish achieved exceeded the expectations of the client and was complimentary to the modern design brief. The tiles were effectively removed without causing any damage to the substrate and as a result Transitions were able to create a really beautiful polished concrete floor.

In addition to this, the floor achieved a consistent gloss reading of 60-65 across the whole slab, which as a result is effective in enhancing the amount of natural light that reflects through the shopping centre. This has helped to create a light and bright shopping environment.

GazBuild, the client, were extremely happy with the execution and the final product produced by Transitions.

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Product Specifications - Polished Concrete

  1. Product Details
Area: Internal  Slab: New & Existing
Life Cycle: 5-10 years Warranty: 5-10 years
Finishes: Matte, High Gloss, Satin, Natural Slip Resistance: R9 - R11
Aggregate Exposure: 3/4, Partial Grind, Full Grind, High Steel Trowel Other: UV Stable
Maintenance: Coated: 6-18 months | Mechanical: 18-36 months Usage: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government, Retail