Refurbished Brisbane corporate office installs Green Rated polished concrete floors

Project Background

Brisbane office with sustainable polished concrete floorsStockland is one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia who own, manage and develop shopping centres, logistics centres and business parks, office assets, residential communities, and retirement living villages. Most recently Stockland has undertaken a major refurbishment of their Head Office building in Brisbane, with a primary focus on achieving a Green Star Rating.


  • Environmentally friendly/Green Star Rating
  • Achieve P1 slip rating in the main office areas
  • Achieve P3 slip rating in the kitchen and other wet areas


  • 1,100m2
  • Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • Partial exposure of aggregate
  • Satin gloss level

Objectives & Requirements

The overarching objective for the flooring material in this office space refurbishment was that ability of the product to be finished in line with the Green Rating requirements. Additionally the client required the floor to achieve a P1 slip rating in the main office areas and a P3 slip rating in the kitchen and other wet areas.

As this project was not a new build the client also required the existing flooring materials to be removed, tile and carpet, in order to make way for the new finish.

Due to a compressed time schedule and the necessity for all trades to work in with each other, all flooring works were to be completed outside of normal business hours. Furthermore they had to be able to be walked on during business hours as other trades where scheduled to complete their works.

Chosen Product

The chosen product for the refurbished Stockland office space was Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete. This flooring product was selected for its ability to fulfil the Green Star rating requirements as well as its suitability to a commercial office environment and importantly was created by re-using the existing slab.

Prior to commencing the installation process of the polished concrete floor, Transitions were required to remove the tile and carpet adhesive present on the concrete slab, followed by an extensive amount of patching to the substrate. This was as a result of a jackhammer being used by the contractor in the initial demolition processes, to remove the existing flooring materials, which resulted in extensive damage to the slab.

Once the substrate was rehabilitated to a suitable condition, Transitions commenced the process of installing mechanically polished concrete using low VOC and full Green Star compliant products, sealers and chemicals to remain in line with the clients objectives and requirements.

In order to achieve the specified slip ratings throughout the nominated areas a satin finish was the recommended gloss level. To compliment this, a more industrial finish, the existing slab was ground to attain a partial exposure of aggregate.


Taking into account the compressed timeframe and work conditions on this project, Transitions completed the project within 2.5weeks.

All requirements specifications and client requirements set down on this floor were achieved by Transitions, however the official Green Star Rating is still unannounced.

Product Specifications - Polished Concrete

  1. Product Details
Area: Internal  Slab: New & Existing
Life Cycle: 5-10 years Warranty: 5-10 years
Finishes: Matte, High Gloss, Satin, Natural Slip Resistance: R9 - R11
Aggregate Exposure: 3/4, Partial Grind, Full Grind, High Steel Trowel Other: UV Stable
Maintenance: Coated: 6-18 months | Mechanical: 18-36 months Usage: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government, Retail