Honed Concrete at Helensvale Library and Community & Cultural Centre, Gold Coast

Honed Concrete floors at Helensvale Library on the Gold CoastProject Background

The Helensvale Library and Community & Cultural Centre is a $23million project based on the existing library site in Helensvale on the Gold Coast. This centre is an integrated facility incorporating a library, Divisional Councillors office, the City of Gold Coast customer service centre and community centre.

This project included the installation of Transitions Honed Concrete to all external flooring areas of the building including stair landings, profiling and faces and a large plaza seating area.


- New Concrete Slab in Icelandier (White) and Florence (Black) by Hanson

- Transitions Honed Concrete with an R12 Slip rating


- Approximately 900m2 of Transitions Honed Concrete on external flooring areas

- Approximately 100Lm of Transitions Honed Concrete on Plaza Seating

Transitions Honed Concrete on external stair landings, stair profiles and stair faces

Client Objective

The main objective for the client on this project was to create a seamless look, feel and finish between the internal and external areas. In addition to achieving this, the client wanted a floor that was durable however would maintain this aesthetic appeal over time.

Client Requirement

The honed concrete floor at new Helensvale Centre would, over time, receive a very high amount of foot traffic. For this reason the external concrete floors needed to be very hardwearing and long lasting. Furthermore, being external, the honed concrete floor was to achieve a minimum R12 slip rating to avoid slip and trips when wet.

Overall Outcome

All parties involved were happy with the final floors presented by Transitions at the completion of this project. Not only have Transitions been able to create a uniform look from the internal areas out into the external areas, but the honed concrete floors have also brightened up the communal plaza seating area vastly. All Transitions Honed Concrete floors passed the test and successfully achieved an R12 slip rating.

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