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New Masters store on the Gold Coast shining with Transitions Polished Concrete

Transitions Polished Concrete Floors in the new Masters Bundall store on the Gold Coast
Transitions Polished Concrete Floors in the new Masters Bundall store on the Gold Coast

Project Background

Masters Home Improvement is a big-box retailer offering consumers a retail experience they have never see before. Each store stocks over 35,000 different products from outdoor furniture to a complete new bathroom with all the accessories.

Masters have just opened their new store in Bundall on the Gold Coast and contracted Transitions to complete works on all internal concrete trading floors.


  • Transitions Polished Concrete


  • 20,000m2 curing compound
  • 8,000m2 Transitions Polished Concrete
  • 6,000m2 concrete treatments


The client had a relatively simple objective for the concrete floor at the new Masters store in Bundall. The final result was to be of a light colour and create a uniform finish, aside from the natural variants in the concrete, throughout the tenancy.


The functional requirements for the floor at Masters, Bundall were very specific in terms of gloss levels and performance. The gloss levels had to achieve 60 points as minimum resulting in a consistent shine throughout the whole retail store. Considered as an ultra-high traffic environment, it was a requirement of the density of the concrete to be increased. This improves the overall strength of the concrete and its abrasion resistance. The project at Masters, Bundall also had a nominated floor hardener which was required to be used during this process; Tremco uko. This product has a long, proven track record in use with Masters' US partner. 

Chosen Product

The chosen product for the new Masters Home Improvement store in Bundall was a densified and polished concrete by Transitions. This concrete floor finish is the national specification for the brand and is installed in all new Masters stores being constructed, nationwide. Furthermore, Transitions are certified installers of Tremco uko diamond hard product which was specified for the project.

The densified product specified was applied whilst the slab pour was taking place in order to reduce surface cracking, cured adequate hydrocarbon resin, and retain moisture - 90% retention relevant to Australian standards. Use of the densifier with concrete increases life expectancy of concrete floors in ultra high traffic environments, such as that which Masters will experience, and reduces life cycle costs of polished concrete floors. In addition to this, by finishing the concrete floor to a high gloss/reflectivity level light reflectivity is increased within the store and therefore artificial lighting is decreased. As a result a high gloss polished concrete floor can be a cost effective option.

Overall Outcome

The outcome of the concrete floor at the new Masters Home Improvement store in Bundall was excellent. The Transitions team were able to both meet and exceed gloss levels throughout the store, averaging between 80-100 points on several slabs.

The project was completed in 14 days with all objectives and requirements either met or exceeded and the client was thrilled with the results.

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