New Target Country concept store at Beerwah Shopping Village chooses Transitions Polished Concrete floors

Project Background

Beerwah Shopping Village, a local convenience based shopping centre in Beerwah north of Brisbane, has undergone a major 15,000m2 expansion which has seen the introduction of 25 specialty retail shops including a new anchor store, Target. The shopping centres expansion has been welcomed by small businesses in the area, who are delighted to see local spend increasing. The new expansion, which was successfully completed in October, is directly adjacent to the existing Beerwah Marketplace.

The new Target store constructed at Beerwah Shopping Village is a new concept store for Target. It is based on the Target country stores, which have a smaller floor plan than traditional Target stores, and is the first to have polished concrete installed as the chosen flooring material.

New Target store at Beerwah Shopping Village chooses Transitions Polished Concrete floorsSpecification

  • Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • R9 Slip Rating
  • Partial Aggregate Exposure
  • High Gloss


  • 950m2


The client wanted to achieve a floor that was essentially a blank canvas for the new Target store. A floor that would highlight the products on display as opposed to being the highlight. In addition to this, the client wanted to enhance lighting in the store as it was a smaller than usual retail space and would be relatively full with racking and product displays.


Being in a retail environment, the requirements for the chosen flooring product at the new Target Beerwah Shopping Village store were crucial to achieving the best outcome. A very high traffic environment with trolley traffic meant that the floor must be hard wearing and durable, all whilst maintaining its aesthetic. As previously mentioned, the client wanted a floor that would assist in creating a bright space for the small store so the requirement for light reflectivity was pivotal. This is combined with the importance of a low maintenance option due to the lack of open spaces to complete periodic maintenance in the store. Overall, the client required a flooring product that could achieve all of this and be completed as the most cost effective option.

Chosen Product

Target chose Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete floors as their flooring product for the new store at Beerwah Shopping Village. This product was chosen as it fulfilled and exceeded all the clients expectations. Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete is the ideal product for the high traffic retail environment as it is durable and long lasting. It is a flooring product that can handle constant foot and trolley traffic whilst remaining unaffected aesthetically. In addition to this the maintenance required to upkeep this aesthetic is very minimal. It is a high quality, highly refined flooring product.

Transitions installed a concrete floor with a partial grind to remain in line with the minimalistic look and 'blank canvas' objective for the floor. Together with this, the partial grind also added cost benefits for the client. The floor was also completed to achieve a high gloss finish which will greatly assist in bouncing light around the retail store from outside and from internal lighting.

Overall Outcome

As a result, the client was happy with the final product installed at the new Target Beerwah Shopping Village store. A time pressured project, the concrete floor was completed in 5 days, faster than the 9 days allowed for. The store looks great and the concrete floor adds a contemporary element that fits in with the the new concept store. 

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