External floors of commercial property revitalised with Transitions Honed Concrete

External floors on the Gold Coast rectified with Transitions Honed Concrete floors

Since the 80's there has been an ongoing trend in the use of exposed aggregate as an external flooring product in Australia. Fast-forward to 2015 and many of these floors are beginning to appear tired and are causing maintenance teams, far and wide, ongoing headaches. Property owners are facing a dilemma on how best to revitalise their exposed aggregate floors without the exorbitant cost of removing existing concrete slabs, in order to lay a new on to allow for a new floor finish.

Exposed aggregate floors are achieved by spraying a chemical on the surface of the wet concrete slab, when poured, which slows down the setting of the top layer of the concrete mix. Following on from this, the surface layer is then pressure washed off to expose the aggregate that is within the concrete mix. The finished product is a rough textured concrete floor that has full exposure of the aggregate, both in appearance and composition.

This year, Transitions have worked with a client who has been experiencing concern in regards to the exposed aggregate floors of their commercial property, Pavilions on Palm Beach. This property is a living, dining and shopping hub located just one street from the picturesque shorelines of Palm Beach on the Gold Coast.

Completed in mid 2009, the exposed aggregate concrete floors, installed in all the external public areas and pathways, now appear dull, worn and are difficult for the property owner to maintain and keep clean. The exposed aggregate floor has been unable to withstand the demands of the environment with which it is installed and the high traffic volume experienced on a constant basis.

The ultimate objective for the project at Pavilions on Palm Beach was to achieve a long-term focus for the chosen flooring product with an emphasis placed on greatly improving the aesthetic of the external flooring areas whilst remaining a low maintenance option. The chosen product was also to fulfill all functional requirements of an external floor finish. Furthermore, this product would be aligned with that which is to be installed in the upcoming Stage 2 of development.

Transitions Honed Concrete has been the product chosen to replace and revitalise the existing exposed aggregate areas at Pavilions on Palm Beach. Transitions Honed Concrete is an external concrete flooring product that has the look and feel of a contemporary designer floor, is versatile in its design and has the functionality of a hard wearing, long lasting flooring option. Transitions Honed Concrete is also slip resistant and can withstand the harsh Australian climate, whilst maintaining its colour and stylish feel. This product was chosen by the client due to its ability to fulfill all of their objectives and requirements and was a cost effective option for the reason that it could be installed using the existing slab.

The finished product was achieved by grinding down the exposed aggregate product to create a flat, seamless finish. This included the decorative cobblestone paving bonds that wound through areas of the concrete slab. The client was overall elated with the results and appearance of the Transitions Honed Concrete floor handed over. The new floor brightened the overall appearance of the external areas and uplifted the aesthetic of the entrance to the shopping and dining areas. It is a highly recommended and cost effective method of rectification for any property owner who is facing the same predicament with an existing, yet non-functional exposed aggregate floor.