Transitions Polished Concrete floor a standout feature at MarketPlace Warner

MarketPlace Warner is a new shopping centre development in Warner Lakes, north of Brisbane. Designed to be an upmarket addition to the area, MarketPlace Warner is a one-stop convenience shopping experience with Woolworths and Aldi supermarkets together with 40 specialty retailers.

Transitions were contracted to complete works on the internal floor areas of the shopping centre.

  • Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • Full Grind
  • 800 grit diamond
  • Semi Gloss
  • R9
  • 600Lm of Joint Filling
  • 1,300m2

In the construction of this shopping centre, the client set out to achieve a high quality and high end finish. The internal concrete floor was to be of a decorative finish, a standout feature of the buildings design and create a light and bright shopping atmosphere for locals to enjoy.


In terms of functionality, the concrete floor at MarketPlace Warner was required to be extremely hard wearing and durable with the high volume of foot and trolley traffic it is expected to receive from shoppers. In addition to this there was a requirement set down for the internal concrete floor to have low ongoing maintenance for the shopping centres cleaning team.

Chosen Product

The chosen product is Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete with full aggregate exposure and a semi gloss finish. This product was chosen as it is not only a beautiful looking floor, a standout design feature, but also a durable product that will wear very well in a shopping centre environment for many years to come. Further on from this, the semi gloss finish on the floor assists in bouncing light around the room from the external doors, ceiling lighting and the flood of light obtained from windows on the ceiling. This in turn creates a light and bright atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy. The client also chose a two colour design, in black and white, with Hanson Imagecrete Icelander and Balmoral colours.

This project also included 600 lineal metres of joint filling, using a player joint filling compound, in custom colours from Curecrete to match the colours of the concrete.

Overall Outcome

The overall outcome of the Transitions Polished Concrete floor at MarketPlace Warner could definitely be described as a standout feature at the shopping centre. MarketPlace Warner has a bright and clean appearance upon entry and the polished concrete floor certainly assists in achieving this.

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