Public Art in the Gasometer: Shotblasting at Gasworks, Newstead

Project Background

Brisbane Gasworks Public Art - Concrete Floor ShotblastingThe Gasworks is Brisbanes newest riverside master planned urban community, set in the highly sought-after Newstead Riverpark precinct. The Gasworks features stylish residential apartments, upmarket retail and leisure outlets, A-grade office space and a vibrant plaza with the iconic gasometer frame as it's spectacular focal point.

In the 1860s, this site was home to Brisbanes Gasworks, which was an indispensable source of energy for the city's major street lights, public buildings, factories and homes for over a century.

The beautiful and ornate framework of the original Gasometer Frame has been carefully restored and will take price of place as the stunning centrepiece for the Gasworks plaza.This includes a number of historical public art images, which have been shotblasted into the concrete floor by Transitions.


Brisbane Gasworks Public Art - Concrete Floor Shotblasting

- Transitions Shotblasting

- Heavy shotblast to fully expose aggregate

- Specially formulated aggregate design mix


- Approximately 600m2 of area with shoblasted public art

- 12 Shotblasted images

Client Objective

The main intent with the public art installed in the Gasometer, by Transitions, was to highlight the cultural significance of the structure. The client wanted to create a space that was not only functional for the public to utilise and enjoy, but also which payed homage to the sites history and significance to the city of Brisbane.

Client Requirements

The shot blasted images had three main requirements. They were to be clear, consistent with sharp detailing.

Overall Outcome

The public art installed in the Gasometer was overall a huge success. From the coordination of template design and manufacture to the installation of the artworks, Transitions were able to fulfil the clients objectives without fail and within half of the allowed timeframe. The final result really speaks for itself and the client, designer and Brisbane City Council were all thrilled with the historical images that can now be enjoyed by the people of Brisbane.

Project Photo Gallery